Only Female Class – Fri, Jun 9

Aumakua Fitness – Only Female Class

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Friday 5am Classes are canceled

Summer hours has officially begun. Friday 5am classes are canceled and Saturday 8AM ALL FEMALE classes has been ADDED. Check your WODIFY for all class hours

Hollow Rocks (5 Rounds for time)

In this gymnastic skill we are looking to create tension throughout the core. Remember to breathe. Your times will be entered separately for each round.

1:00 Max Hollow Rock Hold

Rest :30

5 Rounds total

Bar Fight (Time)

For time:
Pull Ups
Deadlifts 185/135
Bar over Burpees

Banded Pull Ups
Deadlifts 135/95
Bar over Burpees *NO JUMP
If scaling further is needed do lighter deadlifts and regular burpees

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